Farose's mansion,Each room offers a 300 per room, access to an unlimited number of people. (To access the service over to the sauna is 5 pm to 6 am to charge you 150 baht) hours of sauna is after six o'clock in the morning before five o'clock I Contractors 300 baht unlimited number of users per room, look out 5 pm

Farose Cleanliness

Farose II, have been so caring for cleanness, we have day shift for clean up the building and night shift to assist you for cleanness, but since we have such a very large space and a huge number of the visitors and varieties of nationality, Thais, foreigner, and adults. Thus, we might not be able to look after cleanness for all facilities we have provided all the time. So, if you notice some defects and inappropriate behavior from others, you may report with our staff in that spot to clean up at any time. Call us at Tel +66(02) 319-4054.




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