Farose's mansion,Each room offers a 300 per room, access to an unlimited number of people. (To access the service over to the sauna is 5 pm to 6 am to charge you 150 baht) hours of sauna is after six o'clock in the morning before five o'clock I Contractors 300 baht unlimited number of users per room, look out 5 pm

Farose Service

Welcome to the biggest sauna in Asia, top up your fun with gorgeous dancing room and big swimming pool also colorful lightening fountain. One and only sauna in Bangkok and in the world. Hilarious with our Jacuzzi under the moon and Stream room under the stars light or you can choose to walk through puzzle way to find Mr. Tarzan come to recues you from the back side and you may go to the hut together or may hide in the rocks waiting for Mr. Tarzan's son who lost the way and willing to come with you. Service time 15:00-06:00

ประชาสัมพันธ์ บริเวณสระว่ายน้ำ Moon Light

We have provided you with entertainment such as Cabaret Show and Nice Karaoke room on the big plasma screen, restaurant, beverages on Noah's boat and a good view of Bangkok. Room for you to relax also "Urban View" room with the new look of accommodation modern style to see a good view of Bangkok It is indeed one and only for Sauna in Thailand.

Sky Light

Other sections such a dark room, exciting room and over imagination glass block etc. You also can enjoy movies on big screen LCD on each floor, modern decorate facilities you could find such as a chandelier from Swarovski, iron railing imported from Italy, decorate restaurant facilities from Phuket island and basin with tile from Italy also hanging out pavilion out door from the big hotel lobby and modern bathroom facilities with touching system etc.

ดิสโก้เธค ป่าหิมพานต์ ฟรีอาหารและเครื่องดื่ม

Farose II open daily, but only for gentlemen, we understand you, so you only pay once, Our service include towels, beverages, foods all with our compliment. No extra charge and even bigger twice than before for car parking to serve more of your friends, convenience and safety with our security, if you did not take private car, we can provide taxi service and motorbike around the clock for you at anytime. Farose II cares for you, we open daily no public holidays at all, we are ready to entertain you.

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